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Tree Planting Provided by Rustic Pines in Clinton, NY


Tree Planting

Rustic Pines has been planting trees since it was formed in 1990. Realistically, I have been planting trees since 1976 individually or for other business concerns. I stress that there is a proper tree for each landscape and the site conditions make all the difference in a well-planted tree that will succeed in nature verses one that will struggle to live. Rustic Pines plants trees and shrubs using proper horticultural techniques. My planting success rate has been almost perfect for three decades.

Rustic Pines can guide your plant selection based on your desires, your site conditions, and your goals. We plant and transplant trees of all sizes. We can work with you on a single tree or a whole landscaping. We are capable of phasing in a landscaping over time to meet your budget. We plant for all seasons knowing that your tree is more than just a flower display or fall foliage.
Planting a Young Tree — Tree Planting in Clinton, NY