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Pest Control Provided by Rustic Pines in Clinton, NY

Pest Control

Our trees, shrubs and landscapes are under considerable environmental stress from changing weather conditions to invasive pests. It could very well be argued that the loss of our trees will cause a larger impact on the environment than global warming.
Rustic Pines is uniquely qualified to manage pest problems and has been at the forefront of pest management since the Gypsy moths outbreak in the early 1980's. We handled Forest Tent Caterpillar a few years back until it passed, but there is no out running Emerald Ash Borer. The simple truth is that up to 25% of our northern woods are Ash and they will be dead in 10-15 years due to this pest. Sadly, only an insecticidal treatment is the only hope to keep our special ash alive!

Now is the time to save the Ash on your property, your golf course, your homeowner's group or your municipality. Taking down trees is expensive and so are treatments, but you can treat for 14-16 years for the cost of removal of an 18” Ash. The value of the shade, the cooling, the storm water control, and the seasonal beauty of your landscapes only adds to the decision to treat your trees.
Spraying Trees Against Pests — Pest Control in Clinton, NY
Rustic Pines as a sustainable landscape practice, recommends you to keep all insecticidal application within the tree and not out in our environment, soil, ground water, or anywhere other living entities will be impacted. I believe in injection technology where all your insecticide stays inside the tree.

ARBORJET injection technology is a method that is true to this conviction. The insecticide “TREEAGE” is simple the longest lasting, 2 years, most effective chemical treatment, 99% control for Emerald Ash Borer.
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