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Consulting Provided by Rustic Pines in Clinton, NY


Rustic Pines, Terry Hawkridge, has the knowledge of time working 33 years at Hamilton College in Horticulture finishing up as the Director of the Hamilton Arboretum. He also worked in all phases of the nursery industry for 4 years at Blueview Nursery, a 60 acre landscape Nursery in the greater Boston Area.

Rustic Pines will consult on existing or new landscapes from a single tree to a whole landscape. Many people want to know about the condition of a specific tree and if it is failing and what can be done. Some tree diseases may be treated and full health will return. Others may have a dangerous condition where removal is the wise course of action before it has a complete failure.
Low Angle View of Tall Trees — Tree Planting in Clinton, NY
  • Reports on the condition of a single tree or a landscape.
  • Planning a new tree or two and need advice on specific trees available that will be of scale to your home. Maybe you wish to have a small planting with the eye on multiple season appeal.
  • Landscapes can direct water to the wrong part of a property or maybe you wish to lessen the impact of torrential summer downpours. We can discuss how rain gardens, rain swales, and detention and retention basins may store the water on your property for future use.
  • From a single home to a homeowners group or municipality, sustainable landscape practices should be employed to mitigate problems and achieve the best results, least environmental impact.