Tree Planting

We plant trees bare root, ball & burlapped, and we can relocate trees on site depending of age and structure.We design landscapes and assess properties for the proper trees.  We are good at what we do and we are successful.


Pest Control

Rustic  Pines practices the most sustainably responsible pest treatments by keeping the insecticide in the tree using systemic  injection technology.  We fight Emerald Ash Borer tree by tree with a 24 month treatment.I treat stinging insects and relocate Honey Bee Swarms.


Rustic Pines will come to your property with over 3 decades of significant Arboricultural and Horticultural experience.  From selecting a new tree for your site or wanting an analysis of the condition of a tree.  I also consult on sustainable landscaping techniques, site enhancements, and perennial gardens.




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Rustic Pines is a tree care
company based upon the 38
years of Green Industry
Horticultural experience of
Terry Hawkridge

I have designed and
individual trees
and whole landscapes both
residentially, commercially,
and institutionally since

I have addressed serious
Pest problems both insect
and disease since 1976 at
residences, in nurseries, in
commercial and
institutional settings
using hydraulic sprayers,
mist blowers, soil
drenches, and micro-
injection technologies as a
commercial certified
applicator in three states.

Throughout my whole career, I have dealt honestly with
customers, vendors, and colleagues. Old school, look
people in the eye and your handshake is your bond. I
believe in full measure, a hard day’s work, integrity, and
no short corners. I deliver the best of my abilities
individually and as a company, every day, every year. I
practice sound horticulture and arboriculture. If
something is wrong, I make it right and when it is right, it should be no surprise.

I consult on tree and whole
landscapes using best
management practices. My
work has always been
sustainable before it became
the buzz phrase. I can
address holistic sustainable
landscape practices for
properties, estates,
associations.  I can speak to the liabilities of a single tree or more as you wish.

Lecturing to all ages and groups has been extremely enjoyable over the course of time. From Elementary Schools, garden
clubs, industry groups, Parents groups, alumni associations, and The Hamilton Arboretum on an array of topics.

Pest Alert!
Emerald Ash Borer is upon us. It is critical to protect our Ash trees from this killing invasive pest from Asia. Millions of trees have died but you can save your trees with a chemical treatment. I have dedicated myself to the protection of our Ash Trees. I believe we should keep the pesticides within the tree and not out in the environment. I use ARBORJET tree injection technology and the longest lasting product, TREEAGE. One treatment last for two years. We must be proactive because reactive means a dead tree!

Rustic Pines
L. D. Terry Hawkridge, ISA Certified Arborist ‘1980